A warm welcome to my blog, Please go through the links on the right hand side in which I have captured some clicks based on the co-curricular which was performed in the school. I bet you will be astonished to see children response to the competition and their dedication and commitment towards work :).

May God keep his blessings on them always......

Following is the snippet of all the Links: ( ====Links Here===> )

1. Role Play: Includes all role plays as played by students.
2. Show and Tell Activity: Favorite Animal.
3. Tang Activity: Student shows how to make Tang.
4. Art Week: Where student presented their imagination.
5. Visit to Nehru Planetarium:Enjoy the wonders of dark skies.
6. Rakhi Making Competition:Creativity shown by young learners
7.Patriotic Song Competition.
8. Class activities:List of activities conducted during teaching learning process.
9. Beginning of new life.
10. Winners of quizzical.
11. Fantasia
12.List of activities(unit-5)
13. Visit to Aapno Ghar
14. Inauguration of skating rink-
15. Photostory
16.Enact-Traffic policeman
18. IOEL Result
19. Presentation by student-Water Cycle
20. Winners of Max Wizard English-2014
21. Show&Tell-Unit-9
22. Presentation by students- Phases Of Moon
23. Visit-National Zoological Park(21-2-15)
24. Result of International Talent Hunt Olympiad
25. Class 7 CBSE-i
26. Inter-school competition- First prize
27. Class 6 CBSE- i
28. Compost making By Cbse-i Students
29. Seminars@DAV
30. Class 8 CBSE-
31.session 2017-18

Making of soap

Soap making activity